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Fluke Process Instruments Endurance Series เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิแบบติดตั้ง

Fluke Process Instruments Endurance Series เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิแบบติดตั้ง

Model: Endurance Series
   เครื่องวัดอุณหภูมิ แบบติดตั้ง    Fluke Process Instruments

The innovative optional camera feature for the integrated sensors allows you to continuously monitor your process visually, while the LED sighting option allows you to see the spot size on the target and make sure you have a clean line of sight to the target. The match function takes the guesswork out of setting the emissivity.

Endurance fiber-optic pyrometers allow measurement of targets that would otherwise be inaccessible because of space constraints or harsh environments. Separated by a flexible fiber-optic cable, the optical head may be positioned near the target with the rugged electronics housing installed remotely in a convenient location. Fiber-optic sensors are completely non-conductive and offer improved immunity to RFI and EMI interference.

Endurance companion software allows you to archive your process temperatures for data analysis and sensor setup.

The Endurance Series is supported by the best-in-class 2 year warranty.

  • Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing
  • Temperature Monitoring in Secondary Metals Processing
  • Temperature Monitoring in Glass Manufacturing and Processing
  • Temperature Monitoring in Silicon Processing


The SpotScan protective enclosure features:

  • Durable housing IP65 enclosure designed to survive in ambient temperatures up to 60°C (140ºF)
  • Air purge option available for use in dusty or dirty environments
  • Sighting achieved with the on board sensor via laser, through-the-lens sighting, LED or video function

The ThermoJacket protective enclosure features:

  • Rugged cast aluminum housing withstands ambient temperatures up to 315ºC (599ºF)
  • Thermal and mechanical environmental protection
  • Air/water cooling and air purge in one unit


Endurance Pyrometer im ThermoJacket-Schutzgehäuse