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FLUKE 925 Vane Anemometer

FLUKE 925 Vane Anemometer

Model: FLUKE 925
   Airflow Meters    Fluke


The FLUKE 925 is an economical and durable vane anemometer designed to measure wind speed, air flow and wind temperature conveniently. With a separate air flow sensor and display, the Fluke 925 provides the user the flexibility to measure air flow in a variety of locations. Vane anemometers are well suited to measure air flow in residential and commercial buildings as part of regular maintenance checks.


  • Ability to measure wind speed in feet per minute or meters per second
  • Data capture using one button and the ability to average multiple readings
  • Min and Max alarm setting to alert the user when limits have been met
  • Durable over mold housing to protect the unit from drops
  • 1 M extension of sensor from display to ensure air flow is captured in hard to reach locations


  • Clean rooms or other locations with installed filter systems
  • Environmental Health and Safety personnel, construction research institutions
  • HVAC system supplies, installers or maintenance technicians
  • Pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, electronic manufacturing, building fire protection